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Research & development

The increasing prevalence of digitization, the Internet of Things, and automation are changing the job market. Nearly 90% of businesses worldwide are currently implementing or planning robotics into their infrastructure. Therefore, the number of jobs related to developing A.I.-related technologies, including robotics, are expected to grow rapidly. Educating students in STEM is essential for preparing them for these opportunities.

Oinride Oy can work with universities, institutions, technology centers or public and private laboratories to help graduate and post-graduate level students to focus on robotics autonomy layer. our flagship robot, AutJoe , (AKA Mars Rover) comes pre-assembled to help students focus on the robot’s intelligence layer.

Many students enjoy hands-on experience, and our robot looks like Mars Rover which makes it fun to work with.

Do you have an R&D robotics project? Our team is ready to collaborate with your organization and help with exposure for robotics applications. Our mobile platform is marketed to different industries and students would be able to understand real world applications.

Future Engineers