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Mining Underground

Underground mines are dark places with scarce oxygen supplies, unusual pressures, and temperatures. Conditions such as continuous blasting and exhaust from diesel machines, along with a limited air supply underground, are all hazardous conditions for miners.Miners have to navigate through confined spaces with extremely limited visibility. In 2022, manual labor still predominates in the mining industry and the application of robotics is not heavily utilized enough.

Oinride Oy robotics solutions are ideal for helping with automation tasks underground to minimize safety risks for miners and increase productivity. A strong global trend towards digitalization is emerging, leveraging automation solutions in the mining industry.

AutoJoe, serves as a general robotic platform that navigates rough terrain underground and can be equipped with an array of scientific and IoT tools. It can be fitted with various LiDAR scanners, sensors, or act as a mobile base for launching drones. If you are a mining customer and have a need for a mobile robot platform for an application-specific use case, we would love to hear from you!

Oinride Oy - Ore Pass inspection AutoJoe mobile robot



There are many hazards associated with vertical ore passes due to their use. Issues such as hangups and runofmuck can cause fatal accidents. Utilizing AutoJoe as a mobile platform and a launching pad for a tethered drone can streamline the inspection process.


3D mine mapping is crucial for gathering valuable geological, mineralogical, and spatial information. Our robotic platform can be fitted with LiDAR, thermal imaging, and acoustic sensors, and data can then be transferred over WiFi for further processing.


AutoJoe can monitor the mine environment and provide early warnings for dangers, such as gas leaks. Our robot can be sent in to investigate the leak, explore possible options, and communicate conditions in realtime to the command center.


Our robot can also assist miners during an initial examination of unsupported tunnels underground. Visual and acoustic inspections can be carried out to identify and remove any loose rock that is at risk of falling to the ground, thus reducing safety risks for miners.


Due to its flexible suspension system, our robot can be a costsaving asset to help with the delivery of supplies underground. It can utilize your existing WiFi network to execute various delivery missions.