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ControlWire® is our software suite designed for the control, monitoring, analysis, and maintenance of mobile robots and machineries. We use raw data and algorithms to provide customers with insights into each asset, increasing efficiency. Our software allows for a high level of customization to meet customer requirements.

We would love to hear about your requirements and applications. Please don‘t hesitate to contact us for any applicationspecific needs.

ControlWire Control Center

Communication Protocols

Various physical interfaces and protocols are supported. Mainly Serial, Ethernet, WIFI and CAN bus. Protocols such as legacy DDE, Modbus Serial and TCP, Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP, MQTT, OPC DA, and OPC UA are also supported. 

Engine for Business Intelligence

Empower our customers to leverage raw data from their mobile robots or machineries for business decisionmaking. The software can optimize site operations by consolidating this data into meaningful representations for business decisionmaking.

alarms & events

In the event of an active alarm, the user is able to view current and historic alarms for more details. Alarms can be archived for an extended period of time, depending on storage capacity. The system also has a builtin feature to record all activities taken by the user during the entire logon session.

animation & graphics

A rich graphics library with linked symbols and basic user commands such as push buttons, momentary buttons, checkboxes, and input boxes are the basic ingredients of ControlWire® Animating objects with color, text change, scale, rotation, or a combination of all is what makes the software live and human friendly. The animation changes can be triggered by internal or external signals


System redundancy can be implemented for a primary/secondary setup. The system can be geographically separated with tight synchronization between both in the vicinity of hundreds of milliseconds or less, allowing the system to switch over control to the secondary station in case of the primary station going down.

Integrated features

  • Database interfaces such as SQL, MySQL and Oracle.
  • Remote & Mobile Access
  • Multi-Language
  • User Security levels & Encryption

technology roadmap

As a team of innovators, we have a big vision for the future of ControlWire® software when it comes to Robotics Augmented Reality (RAR). This implementation will utilize several virtual perspectives, using data from multiple robotmounted video and Lidar cameras to create a realtime 3D model of the robot itself and nearby surroundings.

Virtual perspective would help users to accurately maneuver the robot and detect targets of interest at both low and high speeds. It can also provide drivers with realtime aid and the best visuals, such as 360degree live video, to enhance their awareness of their surroundings.

ControlWire Virtual Prespective