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Nuclear waste

Energy crisis is bringing back the focus on nuclear power plants. A major environmental concern related to nuclear power is the creation & handling of radioactive wastes such as spent uranium, reactor fuel, and other radioactive wastes. The rising use of radioactive elements is calling for advanced use of robotics with nuclear waste handling to protect individuals.

Oinride Oy robot, AutoJoe, is a six-wheeler robot which can be equipped with lights, cameras and an array of ionizing radiation detectors and monitoring sensors. Thanks to its 100kg of payload, AutoJoe is able to streamline invaluable data, images and video back to the operating crew.  

Operating robotics in an environment with elevated levels of radioactivity is no easy task. Highly energetic particles and Ionizing radiation can constantly bombard electronics, causing digital signal noise, leakage currents between circuits, and ultimately leading to electronics failures. 

Due to the compact and modular design, AutoJoe can be quickly deployed to minimize personnel safety and health risks while improving transport processes. Our robotics solution is designed to get right into the action. Several shielding methods such as lead aprons, lead blankets or tungsten can be utilized to safeguard the robot. This can be effective in fighting off x-rays and gamma-rays from harming robot subsystems, hence extending its lifetime. Our team is ready to tackle this challenge and work with experts to take this solution to the next level. 

Oinride - Nuclear Waste Handling Robot