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Security & Defense

With the increased geopolitical tensions globally, having the ability to streamline, monitor and secure borders or public spaces is becoming a top priority of national security apparatus around the globe. Issues involving criminal activities, such as trafficking, drugs & weapons smuggling and other illegal activities must be countered with technological advancements. Utilizing a fleet of robots to monitor borders can increase efficiency and leverage human resources to Defend&Protect.

Oinride Oy robot, AutoJoe, is a six-wheel robot which was designed right here in Finland with radically improved mobility. The six-wheel rugged and sturdy robot is equipped with rocker-bogie suspension that traverse all terrain and allow the robot to escape the threat environment when necessary.

Our team is on a standby to get your requirements and devise an execution plan to be your robotic solution partner.

Finnish_Army_Border Guard
A Finnish Border Guard member on duty. Finnish Border Guard Photo


The robot can take on off-road jobs that can not be handled by regular vehicles. It offers a complete off-road dominance. The robot is capable of tackling anything from dense forests, sand dunes or obstacles


By having the motors directly inside the wheels, offers enormous potential benefits for compact robots. It arms the robot with heightened acceleration and maneuverability with optimal torque, traction and power over rough or smooth terrain


Designed with a combination of both tough steel with 6mm of thickness along with a lightweight aluminum frame. The design allows for a great traction of rough or smooth surfaces


AutoJoe offers both 4WD & 6WD travel mode. The switch can be on the fly while the robot is operational. The Multi-Mode extreme travel suspension system gives the operator the flexibility to switch between modes during high-speed travel on flat or rough terrain.